Luke Losey

I think of my work like celluloid knit-wear, It's got a hand made crafted feel that would probably keep you warm in winter.  I'm drawn to the immediacy of Instagram and the scrap book approach of Pinterest.  My work is mainly (but not exclusively) on celluloid but I love the fact that camera phones and portable HD cams have made it all so accessible. 

I began filmmaking and taking photos at an early age, using a Box Brownie and Super 8mm camera. I direct animation as easily as live action. My films are spilt between more personal projects which have elements of horror, surrealism, dystopia, ghost and fairy tales and my mainstream commercial work, such as TV ads and online content - which are a mixture of live action and animation. I've directed beautiful and fantastical fashion films for Mulberry, TV ads for Kuoni, Special K and experiential award winning projection-mapping campaigns for Ralph Lauren and Nokia as well as a heap of music videos and my own award winning short films.